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Want to learn more about the how-to’s and reasons why setting up your own BankingLikeTheRich account can SUPERCHARGE YOUR NET WORTH?  Please complete the form below to request a 30-minute Complimentary Conversation with one of our licensed experts today!

To prepare – all you need to have is an approximation of how much money you spend each month paying your bills.

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Learn How to Double your Net Worth Just Changing HOW you Pay Bills you have to Pay Anyways

If a financial institution would pay your bills for you, would you want to become a client?

What Is It?

  1. A BankingLikeTheRich account is a turn-key system we carefully design and implement for you.
  2. With BankingLikeTheRich bill paying system, every time you pay a bill you are creating a tax free residual income stream that increases every year for the rest of your life. This is spendable cash deposited into your account.
  3. Your funds are NEVER at risk of loss and by allocating what you spend in bills to this system, you can create more wealth than you will with a traditional 401k or IRA retirement plans.
  4. This bill paying system allows you to become your own bank over time.

The critical thing to understand is….YOU SPEND THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU ARE SPENDING NOW USING THIS SYSTEM.  You simply change HOW you pay for the things you buy.

How The Bill Paying System Benefits You…

  1. Safety is #1!  Your money is NEVER at risk of loss.
  2. Accessibility – access your money at any time for any reason without penalty or taxes.
  3. Stability – average age of these financial US companies is 106 years old.
  4. Contribute unlimited amounts to it (unlike a 401k or IRA account.)
  5. Your money is protected from creditors and lawsuits (in most states.)
  6. You decide the repayment terms for any loan you take out, including not paying it back.

The more funds you put in the BankingLikeTheRich system, the MORE TAX FREE WEALTH YOU CREATE AND CONTROL for your benefit.  This can be used for both personal AND business bill paying.

About Us is a heart-centered small business.  Our goal is to enlighten the masses about this highly unknown Secret of the Wealthy that has been used for over 150 years.  Our customers mean everything to us so needless to say, we operate with the highest integrity for the greater good of families and businesses.  Let us inspire you to take action in organizing and simplifying your financial health, both in personal and business realms.  Best of all, let us help you leave a lasting and loving financial legacy that your family will always remember you by.  If followed correctly, you can literally change the financial path of your family’s future generations!

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