How Our Team Saved Several Business Owners Thousands of Dollars in Taxes…

And the only thing they changed was

Dental practice had an annual tax liability of about $350,000 every year.  Through our system, we saved him 95%, for a total of $332,500 per year.  
  • Instead of paying $350k, this dentist paid $17,500.
  • TOTAL SAVINGS = $332,500

A machine shop had an annual tax bill in the amount of $545,000 – saved him 95% of that amount.  
  • Instead of paying $545k, he paid $27,250.
  • TOTAL SAVINGS = $517,750

A High Tech Company tax liability of approximately $1.3 million - saved him 90% of that amount.  
  • Instead of paying $1.3M, he paid $130,000.
  • TOTAL SAVINGS = $1,170,000

This POWERFUL SYSTEM works just as effectively for individuals and families.  Think of the wealthiest families out there that have left their substantial wealth to their heirs generation upon generation.YOU CAN BET THEY HAVE BEEN USING THIS SYSTEM FOR DECADES! As you read on and learn more about this Secret of the Wealthy, ask yourself this question: WHY NOT ME?  

If a financial institution would pay your bills for you, would you want to become a client?

Everyone would say yes, do you agree? Well, after a Complimentary Conversation with one of our licensed team members, you will learn how to use this proven bill paying system offered by US companies. It gets better! Every time you pay a bill you are creating a tax-free residual income stream that increases every year for the rest of your life $255 payday loan no credit check. The interest payments are tax-free and have averaged about 8% compound interest for many years.

HOW a 25 year old pays for their car can result in them retiring with millions more, TAX-FREE. Just by changing HOW a 30 year old couple pays for their mortgage, they can retire with millions more, TAX-FREE. If you own a business, this generally creates far greater wealth than you could ever sell your business for.

The critical thing to understand is – YOU ARE SPENDING THE SAME AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU ARE SPENDING NOW -- you just change HOW you pay for the things you buy.

Banks do not want you to know about this for two reasons. First, what they pay in interest is a joke and this bill paying system enables you to become your own bank over time. Once you understand it, you will be as amazed that everyone is not using this proven bill paying system. We are in this business to free people from the banking industry’s self-serving dogma.

We want to empower YOU with this information. Empowering others is great for our Karma and can be for yours, too! Please share this info with others in your circle. How many people’s lives could you enrich by sharing this with them? It takes just a few seconds to share. Email your friends this link so they can get their copy of the BankingLikeTheRich eBook!

This bill paying system has 2 parts. The 1st part is a bank account that pays COMPOUND INTEREST and it is COLLATERAL for the 2nd part, which is a credit line that charges SIMPLE INTEREST when you borrow funds to pay bills.

The company GreenTree Financing made a loan of $ 100,000 to a company for a green building. The loan is for three years with a simple interest rate of 10% per year. How much money will the company pay at the end of the three years?

Solution The interest for each of the three years is Annual Interest = 100,000 (0.10) = $ 10,000 The total interest for the three years according to equation (1.7) is Total Interest = 100,000 (3) (0.10) = $ 30,000

The amount owed after three years is Total Debt = $ 100,000 + 30,000 = $ 130,000 The interest accrued in the first and second years does not bear interest. The interest owed each year is $ 10,000 and is calculated only on the principal of $ 100,000.

Compound interest calculations are used in most economic and financial analysis. In the case of compound interest, the interest generated during each interest period is calculated on the principal plus the total amount of interest accrued in all previous periods.

How You, and Everyone you Know, Pay your Bills

Assume you deposit $10,000 into your bank account and pay $9,000 in bills. Doing it the way you pay your bills today, it would look like this: $10,000 - $9,000 = $1,000 and .01% interest is $1. After 10 years, you would earn $10 of interest, minus fees and taxes.

Versus the Genius way to pay Bills. $8,445 interest earned over 10 years.

First Column (above) - Earning 8% COMPOUND interest off of the ENTIRE account balance.

The 1st column is the amount of interest earned each successive year from a 1 time deposit of $10,000 as above. The assumed interest rate is 8% COMPOUND interest. In year 1 you thus earn 8% of $10,000 whereas in year 2, you earn 8% of $10,800. The amount you earn 8% interest on keeps increasing because it is compound interest. You will notice in year 3: you earn $933 in interest, in year 5: $1,090. In fact, the more popular strategies used by several of the US financial companies would have returned approximately 8% to 9% compound interest over the last 30 years.

Second Column (above) is the 4% SIMPLE interest paid to borrow $9,000.

The 2nd column in red is the interest paid that year to borrow $9,000 from the credit line loan at 4% simple interest. You can choose to have that rate fixed if you want. You will notice that the amount remains at $360 per year. That is because it is simple interest. Look at year 10...You earn $1,727 in interest and pay $360 in interest and the net interest you earn is $1,367 tax free for year 10 alone. If you add up all of the yellow highlighted values it is $8,445 in interest earned and all of that is tax free.

It Gets MUCH Better...

Assume you deposit $10,000 into your bank account and pay $9,000 in bills. Doing it the way you do it today....$10,000 - $9,000 = $1,000 and .01% interest is $1. After 10 years you would earn $10 of interest minus fees and taxes.
In year 11 - the net interest you have earned is greater than the original $9,000 loan. By year 13 to 14 you have also earned enough net interest to pay off all previous year's interest payments. In other words, a financial institution paid your bill for you - you did not pay it. After that you are earning a net profit. How much is that net profit?

Believe it or NOT....

40 years from now when you are age 70 are still earning an annual tax free profit for having paid your bill the genius way at age 30. You were also paid every year from the very first year. How much do you earn every year? Age 70: 45% of $10,000 or $4,500 tax free. (year 40 in the table) Age 80: 81% of $10,000 or $8,100 tax free. Age 90: 153% of $10,000 or $15,300 tax free. Age 100: 288% of $10,000 or $28,800 tax free. Parents and Grandparents can set this up for children as well.

These interest payments are not paper returns...they are returns deposited into your account each year.

This system is proven and your deposit and all of your previous years returns are never at risk of loss. This is simply a Compound vs Simple interest spread used to create wealth while paying bills.


Genius...Albert Einstein said:

"Compound interest is the 8th Wonder of the World. Those who understand it, earn it. Those who do not understand it, pay it.” Compound interest is why this bill paying system works.


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